The 10 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in Malaysia And How Much They Cost Per Night

What is Malaysia well known for? Of course its food and abundance in great wildlife. So for one to visit the great food spots and bask in our beautiful natural environment, you need a place to stay. Don’t make your day ventures the highlight. You’ll also need to relax in style. Be it in the high skylines of the city, or the sandy beaches of the islands, make the visit a wholesome experience.

We’ve personally contacted each of these high-class hotels and got them going with all their attractions to make your stay one you’ll never ever forget. Enjoy!

#1 – Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Presidential Suite
MYR 29,000

The stunning new Presidential Suite will feature 3-bedrooms of luxurious accommodation including a new show kitchen, private spa & fitness area and double height ceilings with wrap-around windows, providing panoramic views of the city skyline, KLCC Park and the Petronas Twin Towers.

The impressive master bedroom has a king-sized four poster bed, a separate study area,  a living room with a grand baby piano, 42-inch flat screen TV, DVD player and iPod docking station. Besides that, guests will be pampered with evening turndown service and personal butler service.

#2 – JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

Presidential Suite
MYR 26,800

The breath-taking, ultra spacious Presidential Suite is a 2-bedroom premier lodging unit with high-ceiling window features overlooking the KL city centre. Besides standard hotel room conveniences and signature evening turn down services, guests also have exclusive access to the Executive Lounge. The Presidential Suite comes with a king-sized bed and 2 single beds, 2 bathrooms with over sized bathtubs, a powder room, dining room with a table that seats eight, pantry, living room with a piano, free wired internet access and a 50-inch flat screen TV.

#3 – Four Seasons Resort Beach Villa

Royal Villa
MYR 23,108.10

The Royal Villa is a magnificent two-bedroom residence with a breath-taking view of the Andaman Sea and mountainous backdrops. The rooms are a unique blend of traditional Malay architecture and Moorish design influences. Taking advantage of its environment, adventurous guests can try water-sports and adrenaline fueled activities. With the Andaman Sea as a backdrop, the resort’s dining options serve award-winning Malay, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines.

#4 – Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Imperial Suite
MYR 12,415.28

The Imperial Suite of the Grand Millennium Hotel in Kuala Lumpur a large 2-bedroom suite with stylings that influences a mix of Asian and Western. Each room has a floor-to-ceiling windows that boast the city’s breath-taking skyline. It includes its own kitchen, TV lounge with plasma screen and Bose home theatre system with a private office. Guests can enjoy a complimentary buffet breakfast with free access to the Club Lounge.

#5 – Pangkor Laut Resort

Pava Rotti Suite
MYR 5,830

It is named after the world-renowned tenor who fell in love with Pangkor Laut. This elegant two-bedroom suite set high on the hill in the rain forest. It has a luxurious lounge area, an extensive balcony with breath-taking views of the sea and tropical rain forest, and an enormous open-roofed bathroom. It is also well known for its celebrity magnetism due to Pavarotti, an Italian opera singer who declared it the most beautiful place he’d ever seen.

#6 – The Datai, Langkawi

Beach Villa
MYR 4,800.00

The Beach Villas are situated right on the award-winning beach of Datai Bay and is surrounded by ancient rain forest. Embellished with pristine waters and lush greenery, the one-bedroom Beach Villas are ideal for those seeking the ultimate private, luxurious accommodations.

All Beach Villas are provided with full butler service and guests can  also enjoy complimentary Afternoon Tea for 2-persons in the comfort of their villa or at The Lobby Lounge.

#7 – Gayana Eco Resort, Sabah

Palm Villa
MYR 2,800

These Villas are set in a 2 minutes walk from the beach. The Villa comes with a separate living area with glass floor offering underwater views. Situated at the edge of a jungle forest on Gaya Island, Gayana Eco Resort offers free ferry rides from the Kota Kinabalu Ferry Terminal. Guests can go diving, kayaking or jungle trekking during their stay at the resort. And at the end of the day, guests can enjoy the view of the sunset from their private patio balcony.

#8 – Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa, Sabah

Tanjung Deluxe Sea View Suite
MYR 2,670

With multiple winning awards from top leisure magazines, Shangri-La Tanjung Aru offers 5-star luxury with world-class CHI Spa, 7 dining options and an outdoor pool with water jets. Their private beachfront offers several water sports and a large water play area with waterslides and toddlers pool. It also has a recreational club offering everything from jet ski, wake boarding, wind surfing and a dive centre. Meanwhile, guests staying at the suites will enjoy unlimited access to club benefits.

#9 – Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort

Ocean Wing Premier Room
MYR 2,122.02

Sumber gambar :

The Ocean Wing Premier Rooms are designed with the highest levels of luxury and comfort. The rooms are decorated with earthy colours and natural wood inspired by the ethnic richness of Sabah. It comes with a private terrace which provides magnificent views of the sea and a unique private outdoor bathtub for two. Unique to the resort is the Nature Interpretation Centre, a gateway to the Nature Reserve where guests can meet Borneo’s wildlife.

#10 – The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa

Beachfront Villa
MYR 2,065

Facing the Andaman Sea, the beachfront Westin Langkawi provides luxurious 5-star accommodations. Featuring over a quarter mile of private beach, its facilities include 6 dining options, a spa and free Wi-Fi in public areas.

All the elegant rooms have modern interiors, and are decorated with a soothing colour palate. Guests can play a game of tennis, work out at the gym, or simply relax on the private beach.

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